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Week 1: Introductions
Week 2: Mundane Physics
Week 3: Flight A (No Wings)
Week 4: Flight B (Wings)
Week 5: Speed
Week 6: Strength
Week 7: Midterm
Week 8: Mass A (Shapeshifting)
Week 9: Mass B (Multiplying)
Week 10: Energy A (Light)
Week 11: Energy B (Heat)
Week 12: Psionics
Week 13: Other
Week 14: Practical Review
Week 15: Final Exam

Class Roster
Akatsutsumi, Momoko
Altman, Teddy
Choovanski, Katina
Collins, Wes
Darklighter, Gavin
Peace, Warren
Peters, Francine
Petrelli, Peter
Sheppard, John
Skywalker, Ben
Storm, Johnny
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Combined Math is everyone from those who can just about count to two to the freakin' geniuses in one class. To this end, classes will be loosely structured around mathematic 'themes' with assignments varying according to the students' skill levels.

Class Topics
Week 1: Introductions and Placement Tests
Week 2: Math: Why You Need It
Week 3: Numbers: The Basis of Math
Week 4: Addition and Subtraction
Week 5: Multiplication
Week 6: Division: You Can't Do It By Zero
Midterm Break
Week 7: Midterm Exam
Week 8: Fractions
Week 9: Percentages
Week 10: Variables: But Why Are the Numbers Gone?
Week 11: Geometry: Math About Shapes
Week 12: Trigonometry: All About Triangles
Week 13: Pre-Calculus: Some of You Will Cry
Week 14: Review
Week 15: Final Exam: Many of You Will Cry

Class Requirements: Okay, look, I was an English major in college, meaning I haven't taken math in about three years, and I'm pretty sure none of you want to take math over, either. Most of the actual math-related content will be handwaved.

Sign in before 12:01 AM Saturday. Participate as much as you can. Handwaving is totally fine. Let me know if your character's going to miss class, either IC or OOC. Two unexcused absences will land your character in detention. Asking Mr. Beaubier when you'll use this in the real world will result in detention and rolled eyes.

Grades will be based on your character's grade on the midterm and final, and any pop quizzes that might pop up along the way.


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