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Week 1: Introductions
Week 2: Mundane Physics
Week 3: Flight A (No Wings)
Week 4: Flight B (Wings)
Week 5: Speed
Week 6: Strength
Week 7: Midterm
Week 8: Mass A (Shapeshifting)
Week 9: Mass B (Multiplying)
Week 10: Energy A (Light)
Week 11: Energy B (Heat)
Week 12: Psionics
Week 13: Other
Week 14: Practical Review
Week 15: Final Exam

Class Roster
Akatsutsumi, Momoko
Altman, Teddy
Choovanski, Katina
Collins, Wes
Darklighter, Gavin
Peace, Warren
Peters, Francine
Petrelli, Peter
Sheppard, John
Skywalker, Ben
Storm, Johnny
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With finals fast approaching, Jean-Paul supposed it would be prudent to hold office hours so students could ask questions, express concerns, tell him he was a horrible person, you know, the usual. So Wednesday morning found him behind his desk, checking his e-mail. His inbox was full of messages from a blocked address, and he foolishly clicked one of them.

"X-MEN RPS?" echoed through the halls.

A little later, it was, "I WOULD NEVER!"

He was horrified, yet intrigued. It was like he couldn't look away.

((Open like an office with a horrified Quebecois mutant in it!))
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Jean-Paul was behind his desk, playing spider solitaire and occasionally pausing to work on lesson plans. Ah, the glamorous life of an ex-superhero.

If anyone wanted to interrupt him, that would be just fine by him.
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Jean-Paul was in his office, thinking wistfully of Halloween candy. All that sugar he couldn't have...

Sometimes life really wasn't fair.

((Open like an office...that is open!))
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Jean-Paul was not a happy camper. This was at least partially because his texts to his sister demanding she entertain him while he waited for parents to show up had been met with, 'Why are you not in church?' Not that he didn't love Jeanne-Marie. It was just...not what he'd been looking for this particular morning.

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Jean-Paul had considered putting up a sort of mad lib sign on the door and calling it a day. [Your child's name here] has been [above average/average/obsessed with spandex] in my class. You should be [proud/ashamed of yourself]. Then let them fill that in as they deemed appropriate. However, he suspected that would get him fired, so here he was in the flesh instead.


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