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When Jean-Paul woke up Saturday morning, his first thought was, Seriously? Someone had actually kidnapped him? Although these seemed to be some pretty crappy kidnappers, leaving him unbound and unattended. Not that he was complaining. Piotr was going to either freak out or never stop laughing.

He'd gone over this in his head. Step one: don't let them find out you're a mutant. Step two: assess the situation. Step three: don't be stupid. Step four: wait for rescue.

Now that he was in the moment, steps three and four were lame. Back to step two.

He was in a bed, in a bedroom furnished in what Jean-Paul would have to call Urban Gay Bachelor. If Jean-Paul had gone out last night, instead of staying in to do homework, this would make a lot more sense, and his only real concern would be explaining himself to his boyfriend. There was a neat stack on the dresser: passport, wallet, cell phone, keys. He ignored the latter two in favor of the passport, first. It was Canadian, and made out to...Jean-Paul Beaubier of Quebec, age thirty. The guy actually kind of looked like him, if he was, you know, old. And the picture was crappy and small, but he thought there was something wrong with the dude's ears. In the wallet were a couple of ID cards that looked government-issued (from both sides of the border) and a pair of school faculty IDs, one for Xavier's, one for some place called Fandom High, along with cash, credit cards, a stock broker's business card.

So. He had money. He had a closet full of clothes that wouldn't fit, but would keep him covered. He had ID, if he could bluff his way into people thinking he was thirty. And he had an empty apartment, no sign of a kidnapper in sight.

Time to figure out what was going on.

((Jean-Paul is now Ultimate!teen!Jean-Paul, but prior to Recent Events because I haven't actually read them.))


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