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Jean-Paul was reading a romance novel a totally respectable book, really, when his phone started playing "Bitch." He made a mental note to himself to change that ringtone before Jeanne-Marie actually found out about it before picking up the phone.

Phone call goes here )

They said their goodbyes and hung up, and Jean-Paul cast his gaze about the apartment as he made the appropriate phone calls, trying to figure out what to pack for fun times dealing with crazy mutant drama. Always his favorite way to spend his summer vacation. Really.

((Open to anyone who wants to say goodbye to Jean-Paul! He'll be back later!))
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Jean-Paul was sleeping the sleep of the drugged (with his mutation and the things he'd seen, sleeping pills were pretty much a fact of life) when the door creaked open, waking him instantly. He remained tense and still on the bed, waiting for the intruder to reveal their purpose. He hoped it was just Lulu forgetting how jumpy he could be--no. Smaller. Onion Knight, perhaps?
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The Maths For Real Life final is going to go up late--I have an in-class presentation today worth 20% of my grade and the prep is taking longer than I'd thought. But it will go up!

OOC: I Suck

Apr. 3rd, 2008 03:07 am
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I could have sworn I posted French class this morning. Then I got home and realized I was, in fact, losing my mind. I'm sorry, guys. I have no excuse other than, "Sometimes I suck."
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Hey, guys, just a quick heads-up, Maths for Real Life is probably going to be late tomorrow, or may be cancelled. I'm getting on a plane later this evening and will be hopping around airports until Monday morning--then straight for class when I get home. I will try my hardest to get it up, but I'm not making promises.
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Look, it was a Jean-Paul! And he was in his office, trying to get his syllabi done.

They were, however, a little derailed by a phone conversation with his sister during which she did not stop laughing for ten minutes straight.

He never should have told her he was a teenager over the weekend.
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If Jean-Paul looked somewhat cranky during his office hours today, it was because he was getting a jump start on his taxes. Scott had offered to have them done for him, since apparently he was still on the rolls of the X-Men (hopeful, that), but like hell he was letting Bobby Drake into his personal finances. For a variety of reasons, most importantly that he still had a crush on him that he suspected Bobby wasn't all that familiar with the Canadian tax system. So, taxes.

If he had laser eyes, the computer would be a smoldering pile of circuitry.

((Open! Distract him?))
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Jean-Paul was curled up on the couch, dressed in sweats and wrapped in a blanket, glaring sulkily at the TV. This wasn't that different from any other day, really, except for the 'sweats' part; he would never allow himself to be seen dressed so sloppily. Also, he was eating Nutella straight out of the jar. This was not a good sign. Then, when the opening credits for Adoption Stories started playing, he burst into tears.

((Open to anyone in ze apartment, or who wishes to stop by!))
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For breakfast, Jean-Paul had taken a cue from a sign he'd seen outside the hotel. Caramel sauce on toast, it turned out, actually wasn't half bad. Caramel sauce was also pretty much entirely sugar, which meant one very hyper speedster. Rather than literally bouncing off the walls of his apartment and driving Lulu mad, he decided to do the thoughtful thing and work it off.

Which was why anybody who happened to look up had a chance of seeing a Canadian flying by. Yes, flying. Very quickly. And occasionally doing somersaults.

((Open to anyone who looks up or out their window!))
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Jean-Paul had been remiss in holding his office hours lately, but with the exam looming, he knew he needed to be in his office in case anyone wanted last-minute tutoring, and to prevent any attempts to steal the exam.

He'd barely been in his office ten minutes when an IM popped up:

Crazy sister in here! )
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Jean-Paul was in his office, as per usual for him on a Tuesday. He had snacks and links to the new Dieux de Stade calendar. Superspeed guaranteed he could switch to Minesweeper before any students who stopped in got a look at the screen. Life was good.
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Jean-Paul was in his office, first listening to the podcasts of the radio to try to get a better idea of what had happened while he was gone, then e-mailing Jeanne-Marie to find out how repairs at Xavier's were coming along, all the while silently cursing that circumstances had not allowed him to be here for Bart's memorial service.

((Open, as office hours frequently are.))
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Jean-Paul was napping when he got a phone call. A rather frantic phone call, with lots of yelling and swearing. So Jean-Paul put on his shoes, left a note on the kitchen counter, and was gone.


Gone to New York. Not sure when I'll be back. If world does not end within a week we've been successful. Wish me luck.


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Jean-Paul was grading exams. Jean-Paul was a mean, mean pointy-eared man, and was making snarky comments in the margins at even the slightest hint of an error. But only for the ridiculously smart students; he figured they could take it. Sometimes? His logic wasn't the best.

After he finished the exams, that definitely was not a trashy romance he was reading. Really. Anyway, the promised gay angle turned out to be a fumbling three-way. Yawn.

((Open like office hours!))
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Jean-Paul loved his sister, but so help him God, if he never had to spend another weekend in the same apartment as her? That would be good. Jeanne-Marie had gone to mass, Jean-Paul had declined to join her and gotten a look of 'your poor soul' for his troubles, and now here he was. It wasn't hiding if she could reasonably guess where he was, right?

((Open, like an office.))
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As someone might want to talk to him about their child's math grade, or something else for that matter, Jean-Paul was spending Saturday in his office. This was not as boring as it might have been any other Saturday, though, for this Saturday he had company. Jeanne-Marie-shaped company. Jean-Paul found himself having the same conversation about his life at Fandom he'd handwavily had with Aurora the day before, only edited for Jeanne-Marie's more delicate sensibilities. Truly, life was never boring with his sister around.

((Open to all! Two twins, one stone! However, I will be away for most, if not all, of Saturday, so expect extreme slowplay. D:))

OOC Note

Oct. 19th, 2007 04:19 pm
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Hi! Two quick notes on visitors.

Some of y'all have probably been looking at Bucky's username, [ profile] zimniisoldat going, "WTF keyboard smash?" or "WTF sold at Zimnii? Where's Zimnii?" For those of you who haven't been following Ed Brubaker's run on Captain America, Bucky spent the latter half of the twentieth century as an amnesiac Soviet science project/assassin, codenamed Winter Soldier. Zimnii Soldat is Winter Soldier in romanized Russian. And now you know!

Second, and more important for interaction purposes, Jean-Paul Beaubier's sister [ profile] dawnnotdawn is crazy. As in, certifiable. She has schizophrenia/Multiple Personality Disorder, and has two distinct personalities who hate each other's guts: Jeanne-Marie and Aurora. If I refer to her Jeanne-Marie, she is very conservatively dressed, with her hair pulled back in a tight bun, and her Quebecois accent is very pronounced. Jeanne-Marie is very sheltered and conservative and easily offended. If I refer to her as Aurora, she has loose hair, provocative clothes, much less of an accent, and is kind of wild and man-crazy and on the prowl.
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After missing his class on Friday due to his mun being a moron a sudden and unforeseen (weren't they all?) incident with Jeanne-Marie, and having completely neglected to hold office hours the day before, Jean-Paul supposed he'd better be present and accounted for in his office on Wednesday, just in case.

Also, Captain America was supposed to deliver him beer, and he didn't want to miss that.
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Jean-Paul seemed to be in a much better mood today. In fact, he was even humming a little as he played chess against his computer.

So if anyone wanted to drop by his office, that was where he would be. All day.
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Jean-Paul was curled up on the sofa with a quart of ice cream, glaring at the TV semi-reproachfully. The TV, oblivious to his bad feelings, was playing some insipid romantic comedy or other.

This state of affairs could not be allowed to continue.

((Open to the roommate!))
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